alchemical intuitive healing

alchemical healing

In an Alchemical Intuitive Healing Session, the 7 steps of alchemy are used to free your spiritual self, which is already within you, but is being held back by the unrefined parts of yourself (e.g. your fears, personal beliefs, self-loathing, etc.). These healing sessions can be used over and over again by focusing on a specific intention you would like to release and also something you would like to bring in to your physical reality.

The spiritual body will go through a Calcination and Dissolution phase to energetically break down anything that is no longer serving you.  Next we move into Separation and Conjunction to allow feelings to move through, thus allowing the authentic self to emerge.  Fermentation and Distillation come as you experience deep inner peace during our session.  Finally, tying everything together, Coagulation is the final point in our process as we feel we are free, know, and feel that anything is possible.

Sessions Include:

  • 45 minutes of reiki and guided energy healing that includes, but is not limited to, sound vibrational healing, crystal therapy, cord cutting with the Archangels, aligning + toning chakras, aromatherapy.

  • 30 minute oracle card reading and spirit guided messages

Investment: $120/ 75-minute session

$400/ Four 75-minute sessions