Lowcountry Parent Interviews Still Founder Kelly George

The most beautiful thing about meditation is that everyone can meditate — as long as you are breathing you can meditate. And you can experience the benefits of meditation in just a few minutes a day. Many people have a misconception that you must be able to clear all thoughts from your mind and thankfully that is not the goal at all. We have around 50,000 thoughts a day – we are just trying to find the space between those thoughts to give us a break from the constant mental chatter going on in our heads.
— Kelly George for Lowcountry Parent
 by Rachel Cook, rcook@postandcourier.com

by Rachel Cook, rcook@postandcourier.com

Thank you so much to Lowcountry Parent for interviewing our founder, Kelly George, on finding your start in meditation and what you can expect from your first meditation class. You can read the full interview here!

Announcing our relocation and expansion...

Greetings to our still soul studio friends and family,

We could not be more excited to share the joyful news that still soul studio is embarking on the next chapter of our journey. Beginning Tuesday, August 15th, we will take a break from our regular class schedule for several weeks while we relocate to our new and expanded location a few blocks away on King Street.

As we ready the new studio space and fill it with love and blessings over these next few weeks we'll be sharing regular updates to keep you all in the know with photos of the progress and adventures of the studio relocation. 

When still soul studio opened our doors for the first time back in March we could only have dreamt about the hundreds of amazing souls we would meet and have the honor to meditate with. Every class, workshop, sound bath, Full Moon gathering, yoga nidra and meditation – or just time relaxing over tea and conversation in the studio – has been such a gift and we are humbly grateful for the support of our Charleston community and visitors from all over the world. Nothing matters more to us than continuing to have a welcoming and inclusive space dedicated to sharing and supporting the practice of meditation for all. 

Thank you for making this first chapter of still soul studio so exciting, wondrous and heartfelt and we welcome with open arms all the chapters to come here in Charleston and across the Carolinas.

We'll be back in touch with more updates soon and please reach out to us anytime during the studio relocation or if you have any questions at contact@stillsoulstudio.com or 843-991-0973. 

"Meditation is the journey from sound to silence, from movement to stillness, from a limited identity to unlimited space." - Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. 

Kelly & the still soul studio team

Welcoming Steven Willard to still + New Class Alert!

We are thrilled to welcome local yoga and meditation teacher Steven Willard to our still soul studio staff!   Steven currently leads classes at both Holy Cow Yoga and Reverb in Charleston and has been teaching yoga for over 12 years. In addition, Steven is a licensed Spiritual Practitioner and counselor. 

Steven will be kicking off at still with our new class Meditation 101 next week. Meditation 101 is a class geared towards beginners in meditation-- to those who think they "can't meditate" or "don't know how". Steven will guide you through an introductory meditation practice, first beginning with a brief discussion of what meditation is and is not. The class will then go through two different meditation techniques for you to try out as you discover the most natural fit. 

This is a great class for both beginning and intermediate meditators to learn more about the practice in a comfortable and welcoming space and to find a method that works for them. This class will debut this Thursday, June 15th from 6:15-7pm and will be held every Thursday evening. You can sign up for this class by clicking the button below. 

Please join us in welcoming Steven to still soul studio -  we look forward to meditating with you! 

Salute the Solstice Charleston Yoga Fest

We will be participating in Charleston's Salute the Solstice yoga festival on June 21st at Hampton Park! Solstices and equinoxes have historically been sacred dates meant to recognize the flow of life and realign ourselves for balance and joy. 

The Salute the Solstice Yoga Fest will be honoring the Summer Solstice through a day full of yoga and meditation which brings us together as a community and amplifies our collective energy. June 21st is the day where the sun will be at its highest point in the sky all year, and we will be here celebrating that light and energy with Charleston's best yoga teachers and studios. There will be meditation (from us!), yoga, sun salutations, live music, and teachers ready to help out with pose adjustments. Classes are open to all levels of experience and kids yoga will be offered throughout the day. 

The festival will open at 5pm in Hampton Park and yoga and music will begin at 6pm. Tickets are $15 and include yoga classes and gift bags. Kids under 12 receive free admission. Popular Charleston food truck The Juice Joint will be providing a tent for refreshments. Please bring yoga mats as there will be a limited availability to use at the festival. All proceeds from the event will be split between local charities, Yoga Kidz, and Surfer's Healing. 

Tickets can be purchased at the Eventbrite link here. We hope to see you there! 

still soul studio Full Moon Event

 Photo courtesy of Mike Nocher Photography from May's full moon gathering. 

Photo courtesy of Mike Nocher Photography from May's full moon gathering. 

Join us for our second full moon gathering on Sullivan's Island from 7-9:30 on Friday, June 9th!

The full moon is a time of powerful energy which we can harness to increase positivity and manifestation in our everyday lives. Our energies are amplified during the full moon, which is why it is important to enter into a state of calm during this time. If your emotions are tumultuous and you feel stressed or angry, the full moon will amplify these-- but if you are happy and relaxed, then the full moon will help you to feel happier and better manifest your intentions. By meditating in a group, we increase our energy levels and further amplify the power of the full moon, opening up a space of peace and positivity. We will guide you into this state of calm through a yoga-meditation practice, which will help you to relax into a proper mindset in order to manifest your goals. 

From 7-8pm we will be guided in yoga by still studio teacher Katie Ashley, who will help us enter into a proper meditative state while the sun sets over the beautiful Sullivan's Island. 

Then, Kelly George, Ryan Egan, and Alexandra Cole from still soul studio will lead us through a guided meditation, guided journaling, and a fire ceremony to celebrate the rise of the full moon. 

This event is family-friendly and will take place off Station 16 on Sullivan's Island. Depending on the weather, it may be beneficial to dress in layers. Bring your yoga mats, blankets, and instruments and come join us! You can sign up for the event here

Below is a video from last month's full moon gathering courtesy of Stone Media