still soul studio Full Moon Event

 Photo courtesy of Mike Nocher Photography from May's full moon gathering. 

Photo courtesy of Mike Nocher Photography from May's full moon gathering. 

Join us for our second full moon gathering on Sullivan's Island from 7-9:30 on Friday, June 9th!

The full moon is a time of powerful energy which we can harness to increase positivity and manifestation in our everyday lives. Our energies are amplified during the full moon, which is why it is important to enter into a state of calm during this time. If your emotions are tumultuous and you feel stressed or angry, the full moon will amplify these-- but if you are happy and relaxed, then the full moon will help you to feel happier and better manifest your intentions. By meditating in a group, we increase our energy levels and further amplify the power of the full moon, opening up a space of peace and positivity. We will guide you into this state of calm through a yoga-meditation practice, which will help you to relax into a proper mindset in order to manifest your goals. 

From 7-8pm we will be guided in yoga by still studio teacher Katie Ashley, who will help us enter into a proper meditative state while the sun sets over the beautiful Sullivan's Island. 

Then, Kelly George, Ryan Egan, and Alexandra Cole from still soul studio will lead us through a guided meditation, guided journaling, and a fire ceremony to celebrate the rise of the full moon. 

This event is family-friendly and will take place off Station 16 on Sullivan's Island. Depending on the weather, it may be beneficial to dress in layers. Bring your yoga mats, blankets, and instruments and come join us! You can sign up for the event here

Below is a video from last month's full moon gathering courtesy of Stone Media