Welcoming Steven Willard to still + New Class Alert!

We are thrilled to welcome local yoga and meditation teacher Steven Willard to our still soul studio staff!   Steven currently leads classes at both Holy Cow Yoga and Reverb in Charleston and has been teaching yoga for over 12 years. In addition, Steven is a licensed Spiritual Practitioner and counselor. 

Steven will be kicking off at still with our new class Meditation 101 next week. Meditation 101 is a class geared towards beginners in meditation-- to those who think they "can't meditate" or "don't know how". Steven will guide you through an introductory meditation practice, first beginning with a brief discussion of what meditation is and is not. The class will then go through two different meditation techniques for you to try out as you discover the most natural fit. 

This is a great class for both beginning and intermediate meditators to learn more about the practice in a comfortable and welcoming space and to find a method that works for them. This class will debut this Thursday, June 15th from 6:15-7pm and will be held every Thursday evening. You can sign up for this class by clicking the button below. 

Please join us in welcoming Steven to still soul studio -  we look forward to meditating with you!