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Five Elements Workshop - Fire

Fire, insta.png

The Five Elements are necessary for this entire creation. Everything is made up from the Five Elements. All miracles, big or small, can only manifest through the Five Elements. If even one element was missing, creation as we know it would not exist.

Join me for the next series workshop in this Five Elements; Fire. You will learn of the benefits of a balanced Fire Element within your self and life, and you will learn practical tools and meditation techniques on how the Fire Element, when out of balance, can create negative karma, destruction, and an inability to lead a love-filled, successful and joyful life. Self awareness, managing our emotions and emotional intelligence are necessary not only for normal life, but especially when your purpose involves the care and guidance of others. Now what if you could also access the hidden divine energy inside each element? How would that change your life for the better?! There will be light Q & A and a silent meditation to seal in this Fire Element teaching.

Investment: $25