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Beneath the Chatter: The HOW of Accessing Your Medicine Within


Tina FireWolf, the "Cosmic Farm Girl", shares her light-hearted perspectives, her Experiential Self Leadership (ESL) method, and her multi-tonal vocalizations to aide us all in sinking "Beneath the Chatter" with greater ease. In this workshop, we will discuss the 5 stages of ESL, and the pitfalls of "spirituality" according to Tina. You will also participate in using tonal vocalizations to access your "medicine"— your voice from within your stillness— as a tool to move you towards sustainable inner peace. This seminar is inclusive of all faiths, and only follows the path within. 

The Experiential Self Leadership Method helps you:

  • Rapidly sink into your stillness
  • Gain strength to maintain your stillness
  • Transform and navigate your inner world
  • Gain higher states of mental functioning
  • Increase your productivity, self expression, and joyful nature

Join us on February 17th from 12:30-4:30PM to remember the medicine within you. This workshop costs $85, $75 if you register by February 7th. 

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