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July New Moon Gathering


We continue the New Moon Gathering Series on July 10th with a focus on the new moon in Cancer.

Each month we are presented with a new opportunity to hit the reset button as we enter the New Moon phase of the lunar cycle. This very special time is ripe for Beginnings, and when we engage in the ritual of setting intentions, we can maximize our efforts to call in those elements we want to see in our lives. Join us for a cozy evening celebrating the magical practice of writing New Moon intentions with the HMS Log Book. We will discuss the ancient method of moon journaling and learn how our ancestors followed the lunar phases in order to live in rhythm and harmony with the cycles of time.

We will begin the evening with an exercise using the HMS Energy Wheel, a discovery method unique to the HMS Log Book, which helps us determine our energy output in the Twelve Realms. The questions provided in this exercise are specifically designed to help you focus on the underlying beliefs that drive your wheel of life. This is a chance for you to be honest and find your truth, and this dynamic ritual helps raise your awareness so that you can create the most powerful and appropriate intentions. 

Next, we discuss the specific moon phase as it relates to the Astrology of the moment and gain an understanding of the concepts associated within this time period. 

We close with a guided meditation followed by toning the sacred vowel sounds. This ancient ritual serves as a grounding exercise which also supports and balances the chakras. Sound healers maintain that there is nothing more powerful than your own voice to heal the body, mind, and spirit, and you will leave the gathering with an understanding of how you can use this practice to give yourself a "tune up" whenever you need it!

Bring your favorite journal, or if you would like the purchase the HMS Log Book, they will be available at the studio. 

"Beliefs create reality; they are magical constructs created in your mind, energized in your imagination, and fueled by your feelings... how you see and interpret the events of your times will determine the version of the world in which you find yourself." — Barbara Marciniak