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Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse Ritual: Yoga & Meditation

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Join Still Soul Studio, Caryn O'Hara, and Elli Richter for Beach YOGA and Meditation to celebrate the powerful FULL MOON and Lunar Eclipse.

**Email to receive location and details on how to reserve your spot**

Please bring Yoga Mat, any flowers, crystals, or tokens that are meaningful to you. 
And if you like, swim suit to take a dip into the biggest mineral bath in the ocean afterward.

It is an auspicious day to release emotions from the last six months and clear the way to feeling strong, sexy, and brave.

Both full moon and total lunar eclipse focus your attention to your emotions, relationships, home and family life.

We will move in an all levels welcome YOGA practice, followed by a powerful Meditation to release and LET GO.
We end around Sunset, and invite you to stay and enjoy the Sunset and Moon rise, while swimming in the Ocean. Salt Water cleanses and restores our Energy like no other!

This longest total lunar eclipse of the century is going to have a powerful effect on your personal life. Take action by drawing your attention to where the change in your life will take place and reap the benefits of the full awareness practice. As we say, life and its bounty are all about timing.

To navigate all that, we gather in community to reconnect with the whole, with the wholeness that we are as individuals and collectively.

We look forward to seeing you there.