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Special Full Moon Chakra and Crystal Healing


Join us for a powerful Cacao Ceremony and Full Moon Ritual to celebrate the super moon, lunar eclipse, and first full moon of the year, and honor endings and new beginnings. 

The lunar eclipse can be observed on the night of the 20th to 21st, and we can harness its powerful energy in the days that follow.

We begin the powerful 90 minute ceremony by connecting to ourselves and each other, and letting go of egocentric blocks. Then we will enjoy a heart opening sacred Cacao drink together. After, we will lay down on comfortable pillows and enjoy deep relaxation, letting our consciousness expand and our brains enter a deep state of meditation.

We end the ceremony with a Kundalini Kriya and movement to ground this new awareness so it may support your New Years intentions and crystal meditation so you can carry these intentions with you all year long.

Caryn, Elli, and Pixi have curated this experience for you so that you can raise your vibrations, step into your power, and feel unapologetically yourself so you can manifest with grace, power, and clarity.