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Peaceful Living Wellness’s 5 Tenets of Mindful Communication

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Join Jennifer Robinson, from Peaceful Living Wellness, as she guides you through a unique journey of finding inner strength through the path of inner peace. Her monthly Empowered Through Peace workshops each present a new opportunity for personal growth and learning. By embracing the qualities of both mindfulness AND mindset Empowered Through Peace teaches how you can maintain lasting mindset changes for inner strength and success through maintaining your inner peace.


EARLY BIRD: $26 (must purchase 7 days prior to event)

Mindful Communication gives us a structure through which to feel heard.
It’s also a way to deepen your intimacy with your loved ones and strengthen your friendships.

During this workshop we will cover Jennifer’s 5 Tenets of Mindful Communication:
* Speak Calmly, but With Confidence.
* Think With Empathy.
* Listen With Compassion.
* Respond With Understanding.
* Be Flexible.

YOUR OUTCOME will be to feel empowered to speak mindfully and confidently. You will also most likely find that others will listen and respond in kind.

Earlier Event: September 28
Soulful Sunday
Later Event: October 13
Full Moon Beach Gathering