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Empowered Through Peace: Breaking Busy! Start Your Mindfulness Journey By Slowing Down


Join Jennifer Robinson, from Peaceful Living Wellness, as she guides you through a unique journey of finding inner strength through the path of inner peace. Her monthly Empowered Through Peace workshops each present a new opportunity for personal growth and learning. By embracing the qualities of both mindfulness AND mindset Empowered Through Peace teaches how you can have maintain lasting mindset changes for inner strength and success through maintaining your inner peace.

This workshop will set the tone for the year. We will talk about the physiology & psychology of how mindfulness practices set a solid foundation on which to build mindset. We’ll also discuss different types of mindfulness practices and set both mindfulness and mindset goals for 2019.

“Busy”ness is slowly but surely harming our physical and mental health. Would you like to feel better AND get more done?

In this workshop I will discuss the following:

  • How our brains become addicted to the adrenaline produced by leading a hectic life .

  • How that can lead to adrenal fatigue.

  • We will also discuss using a Mindfulness Success Schedule to examine your schedule and recreate it in a way that incorporates mindfulness and self-nurture.

Your outcome will be that you have a new schedule full of mindfulness & self-nurture and you will find that you are actually getting more done while feeling great!

We will also set group accountability to be followed through with during each monthly workshop.

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