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What is Soul Food?

Learn about the game-changing duo of Ayurveda X Integrative Nutrition in a comfy, cozy space.

Join Caryn O'Hara and Dana Bufalino for a complimentary tea + talk about how you can feel your best by fusing their respective specialties, Ayurveda and Integrative Nutrition. Caryn will highlight the modern approach to ancient Ayurvedic lifestyle techniques while Dana shares about the role food plays in the way we feel - both physically and emotionally. 

Come ready to let go of the overwhelm that can come up as we consider a lifestyle change, which ultimately downgrades our energy and dims our light. Illuminate your state of being by learning simple and effective ways to step into your full potential through Caryn & Dana’s Seasonal Series beginning this Spring!

Seasonal Series includes:

  • March - diet and lifestyle upgrades

  • May - launch our 31-day detox challenge 

  • September - the art of less is more

  • November - immune system boosting practices