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Soul Food: Building Your (holistic) Medicine Cabinet

Do you have chronic discomforts? Headache? Digestive Upset? Emotional outbursts? Feeling spiritually disconnected?

Do you wonder if the products you've been using for years are truly supporting your health?

Do you regularly check labels and ingredients to be certain that what you are ingesting is made of what you think it is?

Do you know the common herbs and spices that have the power to significantly improve your health?

Caryn + Dana want you to feel confident that what you're using is boosting your immune system, supporting you in the day-to-day grind, and addressing side effects of prescriptions you take. This Soul Food series is about upgrading the food we eat, products we use, and company we keep because all of this can either be medicinal or toxic. If you are ready to let go of toxicity and welcome more vibrant health into your life, this workshop is for you.

During our time together you will experience deep relaxation meditation, learn how to build your health cabinet with ease, authentically connect with these health experts, and have fun together pinpointing what your system needs and how to feed your soul best.

You will leave with a comprehensive list of suggestions from these health experts that include food, environment, household cleaning, and body cleansing products (including sunscreen and bug repellent) that have the healthy and thriving stamp of approval. These recommendations are based on scientific evidence that shows some common ingredients are extremely detrimental to our health while others (on the list) will support radiant health for months to come! 

Caryn + Dana live by these guidelines and invite you to do the same!

**Early bird pricing: $33 (through 5/1)**

Investment: $44