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mental training for kids & teens, designed to bring out their super-selves

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Mental health issues have risen dramatically in young adults over the last decade

Based on a speculated combination of increased pressure to perform, the ubiquitous use of technology to communicate, and the hindrances on sleep quality, young Americans are reported higher rates of distress, depression and suicidal thoughts and behavior than ever before (click here to see the full article). Unfortunately, stress can have debilitating effects on the focus, efficiency, creativity and drive of young people, creating a reinforcing cycle of underachieving and self-doubt. Even with a plethora or resources and information available, many parents are hitting dead ends when it comes to supporting their children and teens on their journey of mental fortitude.

How can meditation help?

  1. Meditation has direct benefits on cognitive performance and physical health

    Studies show that meditation and mindfulness can help children & teens in a variety of ways, including:

    • Increased cognitive abilities such as focus, working memory & information retention

    • Enhanced creativity 

    • Increased emotional resilience & self-esteem

    • Improved sleep quality

    • Decreased levels of reported depression, anxiety & somatic disease

  2. meditation empowers young people to take an active role in their mental wellbeing

    Mindfulness is a process of self study with meditation as the foundational practice. Our programming is designed to give kids & teens the tools and information they need to practice on their own and take initiative in the cultivation of their mental wellbeing. By bringing them on board, they become the witness of their own transformation, inspiring long-term, sustained development.

  3. Meditation enhances the innate strengths of young people

    The overarching effects of meditation are case-dependent because the mental training enhances our inherent capabilities and gifts. This is particularly beneficial for young people as they navigate the ever-increasing demands of modern society and attempt to find their niche.

    Whether your child is an athlete, artist, academic or all of the above, he or she will experience an upgrade to their gifts through meditation training.


mindfulness mentorship

Unique and personalized support for children and teens to begin a mindfulness practice

Still’s Mindfulness Mentorship program is a series of ongoing private sessions designed to provide customized support and tools for young people in their mindfulness journey. Sessions will be a combination of informative discussion and guided meditations with ongoing support in between sessions.