Transformational Breath® with Nicole Rager

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Do you know how powerful you are?

How capable?

How gifted?

How full of peace and joy?

If you’ve forgotten, Transformational Breath® is a tool that will will help bring you back to that place of deep beauty and infinite possibility that lies within. It is a style of connected breathing that incorporates body mapping, hands-on acupressure-style touch, sound, affirmations, and movement to create a powerful and profound transformative experience.

The technique works on all levels – physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual – and serves to bring you back to a place of freedom, peace, joy, and potential.

In working with Nicole, you will learn to use your own breath to release stored emotions, imprints from old hurts, past traumas, fears, anxieties, grief and shame. You will experience a growing freedom in your life, often after just one breath session. Repeated practice and work with a facilitator opens up your life in profound and lasting ways.

Nicole is known for her strong presence, deep compassion and empathy, kindness, authenticity, curiosity, humor, and passion. She strongly believes that we can all create our own Great Life and she is currently living into her own potential by traveling the world and teaching Transformational Breath. Click here to learn more about Nicole.


current Offerings at Still Soul Studio:

Catch Nicole in her pop-up classes at Still to experience Transformational Breathwork in a shorter session. Normal class passes apply.

Book a private session with Nicole to deeply dive into your personal empowerment through Transformational Breath. These sessions are 90-minutes.

Join Nicole for an immersion event that help you shed unwanted burdens, old fears and negative beliefs and ignite your creativity and inspiration and connect to your higher self.