Youth & Family Programs

personalized mindfulness mentorship and events for families and youth

Why practice Mindfulness?


Grounding in an age of Anxiety

Empower the young people in your life with tools to understand the mental pull towards stress in order to neutralize their awareness without dimming their excitement or drive. Mindfulness enables passionate living without burnout or breakdown.

Connection beyond media

Establish authentic & loving relationships with others though purposeful excavation of your naturally compassionate self. Mindfulness reminds us of our natural ability to love others without judgement or fear.

Sustained confidence & Self love

Reconnect to your original state of light and joy to effortlessly operate from a state of confidence and self-compassion. Mindfulness reminds us of our true nature so we can infuse our brightest selves into everything we do - athletics, creativity, academic, business, family, and more!

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Available Programs

Youth Mentoring

Personalized 1-on-1 coaching sessions that merge discussion of mindfulness in the context of the individual’s life with simple guided meditation techniques. Perfect for children and teens seeking to empower themselves with a curious and compassionate understanding of their own mental processing. Sessions are 45 minutes.

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Family Sessions

Group sessions with 2-4 family members (ie. child & parent/care-taker, siblings) to encourage the understanding of how these practices enable each individual to live most fully and the family unit to prosper with authentic connection & support. Perfect for families new to this practice or experienced in meditation. Sessions are 45 minutes.

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Teen Groups

Private groups for teens to practice meditation, relaxation & yoga with their friends and peers. Sessions can be scheduled on an ongoing basis or as a one time wellness event. Perfect for teens looking to experience the power of holistic healing in a supportive and friendly environment. Sessions are 1-hour.

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Off-site & Skype sessions can also be arranged.

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